Errol Schwartz - Portfolio

Ritual Sword

An RPG for mobile created with It's the story of Captain Brinley versus the evil forces of an ancient demon.

BNY Mellon

A year long project to reinvent and relaunch the bank's image and web presence. I created all the front-end templates and a series of interactive components, as well as providing guidance to the client's internal tech team to help with implementation.

Altars of Ruin

A data-heavy graphicless RPG for iPhone built using angular.js where you build up your character, choose combat skills, and equip fancy loot.


I worked as a developer at Songtrust, a music publishing administration platform, where I was responsible for all front-end technology. I built the external facing information site, a detailed royaltyrting application, API driven form submission system, a library for partners to use with the Songtrust API, and extensive client side documentation.

Three Scene Creator

An experimental tool for creating simple 3D layouts. It can output whatever is built with it as Javascript to be used elsewhere.

Duke Nukem Forever Microsite

Flash site for the long anticipated sequel to the legendary first person shooter.

Bioshock 2 Microsite

A full screen promotional Flash experience for one of my favorite video game franchises.

Mafia 2 Microsite

An immersive interactive video site for the game.

Also worked on...